Abstract: This has been proved with conventional solar cell that the efficiency is increasing and besides that the material consumption i.e. silicon has been greatly reduced. Thus along with the increment in efficiency, the cost of conventional solar cell was greatly reduced. Here, the work is done to increase the efficiency of a printed solar cell without changing its actual printed structure or any other material. The idea for this work came from the use of Holographic planar concentrator on conventional Silicon based solar cell. Thus we proceeded with that idea by making the use of convex lens (light converging lens) to concentrate the light source on to the specific point of known dimension. We used standard xenon light source. The experiment started with the measuring of current and voltage of standard solar cell to check whether the set-up is working or not and after that measurements with printed samples were done. The results we got from conducting this experiment were positive i.e. the efficiency in terms of current and voltages was increased. The readings were taken by cutting samples from a single cell because the printed solar are not homogenous and shows different values of current and voltages over a single cell as compared to conventional solar cell due to the presence of number of variables in printing process.

Keywords: Holographic planar, conventional solar cell, standard xenon light.