Abstract: Skin diseases like skin cancers, leprosy are untreated and mostly cause death. If the physician finds the appearance of lesion doubtful then normally visual inspection method is used for diagnosis but all malignant lesions are not identified through visual inspection. Visual inspection could help to prevent misdiagnosis of BCC and other skin diseases. Electrical impedance may distinguish skin cancer from other tissue. The electrical impedance of a tissue depends on its structural characteristics as well as its chemical composition. Studies have shown a wide degree of variation in the bio-electric properties between tissue and cells of body. Differences in electrical impedance of skin as a result of irritation, allergic reaction, location, sex, age and hydration. A small clinical study has also shown significant differences between affected skin and normal skin. Impedance measurement based on a comparison of indexes: magnitude, phase, real part and imaginary part index.

Keywords: Impedance analysis, Lesion impedance, Affected skin, Normal skin impedance, Skin diseases.