Abstract: In the wireless cellular systems, generally two things are most important; the one is shortage of spectrum and interference. 4G systems provides high bandwidth to the end user, but to achieve high bandwidth some problems has been arises, like intercell interference and this intercell interference affects the cell capacity and the overall system throughput. Some interference cancellation techniques are used to increase the cell user capacity but the main drawback of these techniques are power provided to the all user with in a cell remain same to every user. In this paper, we propose a multicell resource block allocation method, which dynamically optimizes subcarrier and power allocation of every user due to which system capacity got increased in multicell networks. To improve system capacity this algorithm is useful. Simulation results shows that by the multicell resource block allocation algorithm we can achieves increased network capacity and high throughput.

Keywords: Next Generation Networks (NGN), Long Term Evolution (LTE), Soft Frequency Reuse (SFR), Fractional Frequency Reuse (FFR).