Abstract: The aim of this paper is designing a Multiport Converter (MPC) from the Bidirectional DC-DC converter and Full bridge converter for a Power Management energy system. Voltage regulations are essential for the system to get stable output. Hence Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Phase Angle shift Control Scheme are employed. A typical four port converter are developed for the proposed system named Buck-Boost Four port converter (BB-FPC).Furthermore, Zero voltage switching for all four ports are realized in the proposed system. In the proposed system we use a solar power as a source. Hence Photo Voltaic (PV) system as the source for proposed system. To maximize the output of the system we use Maximum Power Point Tacking (MPPT) algorithm to the system. A Soft Computing Technique Controller is proposed for monitoring the voltage and current of the PV array and adjusting the duty cycle of the Multiport DC_DC converter and a output of the converter is used to run a DC series motor. Hence a PID controller is also proposed for speed control of DC series motor by setting the voltage fed to the DC series motor through another DC converter.

Keywords: Multiport converter (MPC), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Phase angle Shift Control, Buck-Boost Four Port Converter (BB-FPC), Maximum power point tracking (MPPT), Perturb And Observe (PO) algorithm.