Abstract: In recent years multicast routing in wireless mesh network has became adversary research, in the earlier protocols such as unicast routing considered hop count as path selecting metric where as recent protocols such as multicast routing considered link quality as path selecting metric. Hop count will not increase throughput, the main focus is to improve link quality and maximize the throughput. To achieve high throughput On Demand multicast routing protocol-High throughput(ODMRP-HT) protocol is used but nodes in wireless mesh network are incorporated to more attacks as nodes act as malicious nodes. This works gives the solution to defend against the attacks identified using Secure-On Demand Multicast routing protocol(S-ODMRP). In this paper gives a comparison of detailed simulation analysis of both the protocols. S-ODMRP protocol will give better performance than ODMRP.

Keywords: unicast routing, multicast routing, ODMRP-HT, S-ODMRP.