Abstract: Increasing interest and investment in renewable energy give rise to rapid development of high penetration solar energy. Solar energy is most readily available source of energy. It is Non polluting and maintenance free. There are various models developed in MATLAB/SIMULINK to investigate different aspects of PV technology. In this paper a simulation model has been developed on MATLAB/SIMULINK. This model is developed on the basis of mathematical model of 100Kw grid connected photovoltaic (PV) generation system ‘Vikram Solar Panel’, installed at B.R.C.M College of Engineering & Technology, Bahal, Bhiwani, India. This module has 18 series and such 24 arrays parallel connected with 60 polycrystalline cells in each module. Taking the effect of irradiation and temperature into consideration, the output current, voltage and power characteristic of PV system are obtain. The results obtained are compared with the practical results. The simulated results are very close to the practical result.

Keywords: Maximum power point tracking, Photovoltaic (PV) system, Module, Grid connection.