Abstract: Automatic number plate recognition, Car License Plate Detection (CLPD) is a mass surveillance method that uses character recognition on images to read number plates. Existing system focused on character segmentation (CS) and License plate detection in the license plate (LP) recognition system,in which low contrast and dynamic-range problems occurs. In this paper we present a robust car license plate detection method using vertical edge detection algorithm (VEDA) and Canny edge detector. To extract number plate, first image binarization technique is applied.Then for reorganization of LP data, system starts character identification process which is based on VEDA and Canny Edge Detector. After character identification process, results of VEDA are compared with Canny Edge operator and VEDA results. Proposed method shows better accuracy as compare to VEDA alone.

Keywords: Car License Plate Detection (CPLD), VEDA, Character Recognition, Adaptive Thresholding(AT), unwanted-line elimination algorithm (ULEA), LP(license plate),Automatic license plate recognition(ALPR)