Abstract: Today’s online social networks (OSN) have become a fairly common way to keep in touch with friends and family. OSN is an easy and interactive medium for communication; a number of people exchange messages with each other, these people may be desired or undesired. People may carry a wrong intent while sending messages to friends or unknown people, such scenario may distract the personal space of an OSN user. Cyber bullying due to online social network (OSN) is also on rise therefore the need of present situation is not only to avoid unwanted wall post but also to avoid undesired creator. OSN does not completely support this requirement OSN deals with the same issue, where a system is proposed, in which users directly can control the posted messages on their wall. A rule based system is designed which allows a user to manage their filtering criteria. Also the use of machine learning based soft classifier helps in automatically labelling the messages that supports content based filtering. Additionally we are implementing an automated strategy to blacklist user on a temporary or permanent basis.

Keywords: On-line Social Networks, Fuzzy c-Means, Information Filtering, Short Text Classification.