Abstract: Digital image watermarking algorithms used to protect the copyright of digital images and to verify multimedia data security. A signature image is embedded inside the host image. The media may be a image file, video file or audio file. Host cover file depends on the size of the information. The watermark embedding mainly divided into two different techniques, one is in spatial domain and another one is in transform domain. There is need to compress the cover image if its size is too large. A uncompressed digital images needs a lot storage capacity and bandwidth, so efficient transmission could not take place easily. The main objective to be consider in watermarking is its robustness and high imperceptibility, due to high imperceptibility viewer can easily read the host image and with robustness image is free from different attacks. In this paper, a transform domain embedding is used for color images. Here, integer wavelet transform is applied to each and every R, G, B planes of the image and then information is embedded separately in R, G, B planes. This method is highly capable, robust and simple.

Keywords: Digital Image watermarking, Integer wavelet Transform, Signature image, Graph Theory, LSB (Least Significant Bit).