Abstract: Sensors are used to measure different physical parameters which is being done by capturing the variation in a physical quantity to an equivalent electrical signal and vice versa holds good for the actuators. An array of sensors is being commonly used during advanced electronic engines platforms development to achieve precise and controlled emissions and to meet legislative requirements as per time and notifications as and when required. In order to achieve these requirements a sophisticated controlled electronic system is a need of hour and sensors are inevitable components for achieving the same. Different sensing control loops are applied and implemented in various electronic engines. This paper proposes an approach to develop the hall effect sensor for genset application which encapsulates optimized signal strength as well as increased fan-out by keeping the mounting dimensions same as that of existing sensor. The parameters scrutinized for defining the performance in the system are falling rate, fall time, frequency, rising rate and rise time.

Keywords: Hall sensor, Magnetic pickup sensor, Electronic control, Diesel Engine, Emission control, Genset application