Abstract: Online social networks provides facilities such as sharing, hosting , uploading and photo management which are shared and transferred online on social network. The provision of photo sharing refers to the transfer or posting of a user's digital photos online which facilitates uploading and displaying of images by both websites and applications. It can also be used by the user to manage photo galleries and photo blogs which can make them view the photos but doesnít allow them to download the photo. If a user is permitted to post, comment and tag a photo then it may reveal userís privacy, so to solve this problem various systems has been explained that can recognize everyone in the photo. Photos are shared with a range of people with the help of online photo sharing which provides users various innovative alternatives. Many social networking sites is featured with photo sharing which assists users in posting photo to their families, friends and close ones. It ensures the safe upload of the photo and makes every individual present in the photo be aware of the posting activity and as well make them actively take part in the activity of photo posting. This system considers the needs of the users and focuses on the privacy concerns, as well as userís current behavior and concerns are taken into consideration for the protection of privacy of individuals.

Keywords: Online Social Network, Privacy, Sharing, FR System