Abstract: The wireless devices carried by the user in scenario such as disaster situation, which may include earthquake, floods, would be temporary disconnected for some time, it would be due to discontinues network connection and partitioning. Disruption-tolerant network (DTN) is one of the successful techniques which allow the devices to communicate with other devices in such situation. This is accomplished by using the storage node as the intermediary node. If the sender wants to send the message or the data to receiver in such scenario where the network connectivity is not continuous, the message is been stored in the storage node of some time. If the receiver wants to access the message it can retrieve from storage node. Attribute-Based-Encryption(ABE) provides a capable approach in which it fulfils the requirement for retrieving of the data in DTN's in a secured way. ABE provides technique in which different access-control for the encrypted message over different access policy can be defined. There are several problems to apply Attribute-Based-Encryption(ABE) for the DTN, in terms of safety and confidentiality of data. The Cipher-text Policy-ABE(CPABE), defines the technique in encryption of the data in such that, sender will define some of the attribute, the receiver must hold to decrypt the data or message, such that different receiver's are permitted to decrypt the different piece of the data as defined in security policies.

Keywords: Attribute-Based-Encryption(ABE), Ciphertext Policy-Attribute-Based-Encryption (CP-ABE), Disruption-tolerant network (DTNs)