Abstract: In coming years, the home environment will see a proliferation of network enabled digital connectivity among different appliances. Even though the use of home automation technology is low. This paper highlights the potential of ZigBee [1] through the design and implementation of home automation system. ZigBee based home automation system provides remote access to the user for the monitoring and controlling purpose. To explain the effectiveness and working of the proposed system, four appliances viz. bulb, fan, refrigerator and alarm along with the ZigBee and touch screen enabled remote controller are developed. ZigBee wireless devices are most preferable because of its low power consumption. Previously mentioned advantages of ZigBee take advantage of short-range wireless protocol and provide complete interoperability. This makes the complete home automation wireless which add to its benefits. User can control home switches with ZigBee enabled touch screen.

Keywords: Touch Screen, ZigBee, ARM Controller, Home Automation.