Abstract: In the present digital day with remarkable development in Computer sector, Single factor authentication, e.g. passwords, is no more examined as secure in the World Wide Web. It has never been less difficult in Securing the system and remote access. Simple, obvious and easy-to-guess passwords, such as names and age, are effortlessly found via computerized secret key gathering programs. The security and privacy threats through malware are always constantly growing both in quantity as well as quality. Expanded access to information increases weakness to hacking, cracking of passwords and online frauds. In this association the conventional login/password authentication is taken into account inadequately secure for several security-critical applications such as login to Mailing Accounts, Social Networks, Gadgets, Financial accounts, official secured networks, commercial websites online etc. Obliging more than one independent factor increases the difficulty of providing false credentials. Two-factor authentication proposal guarantee a higher protection level by extending the single authentication factor. This paper focuses on the implementation of two-factor authentication methods by using both users friendly traditional Alphanumeric Password and graphical Password as gateway for authentication. An attempt has been made by using two factor Authentication, and in this paper we describe the two factor Authentication system design and design implementation. Thus affording an additional password adds an extra layer of security.

Keywords: Authentication, password, alphanumeric password, graphical password, secured login, network security, data protection.