Abstract: security assurance is an inevitable factor required for online voting system. The proposed system is an authenticated system that provides integration of trio security features such as QR code scanning, face recognition, cryptography. The existing voting system is based on ballot machine where when we press the button corresponding to the symbol, the voting is done. Here there is a security risk, the person who votes may be fake person voting. The people there might not know that a person is using fake voting card, this may cause problem. The proposed system is an integrated system that provides three layers of security. First level of security is that each individual voter is provided with a separate QR code and that code is scanned before entering the room. The second phase security is provided by face recognition. The voterís image is captured and compared with the image stored in the database, if it matches the automated smart room will be opened and can cast their vote and the door can be closed using a sensor and the bulb inside will be illuminated. The third level of security is provided for the voterís details by encryption method. The intended system will provide more security than the existing systems.

Keywords: Cryptography, Face Recognition, QR Code Scanning,