Abstract: Face detection and recognition has been prevalent with research scholars and diverse approaches have been incorporated till date to serve purpose. The rampant advent of biometric analysis systems, which may be full body scanners, or iris detection and recognition systems and the finger print recognition systems, and surveillance systems deployed for safety and security purposes have contributed to inclination towards same. Advances has been made with frontal view, lateral view of the face or using facial expressions such as anger, happiness and gloominess, still images and video image to be used for detection and recognition. This led to newer methods for face detection and recognition to be introduced in achieving accurate results and economically feasible and extremely secure. Techniques such as Principal Component analysis (PCA), Independent component analysis (ICA), Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), have been the predominant ones to be used. But with improvements needed in the previous approaches Neural Networks based recognition was like boon to the industry. It not only enhanced the recognition but also the efficiency of the process. Choosing Backpropagation as the learning method was clearly out of its efficiency to recognize non linear faces with an acceptance ratio of more than 90% and execution time of only few seconds.

Keywords: Face detection, Biometric analysis, Recognition, Backpropagation, Neural Networks.