Abstract: Moving to wireless network from wired network has been a global trendy in the last few decades. The most important fact about wireless network is it's mobility. One of the most used and familiar applications of wireless networks is Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET). MANET does not require any fixed network infrastructure; each node works as both a transmitter and receiver. Nodes imparts directly with each other when they are both within the same communication range. Otherwise, they rely on their neighbors to relay messages. The self-configuring ability of nodes in MANET made it popular among critical mission applications like military use or emergency recovery. However, the open medium and wide distribution of nodes make MANET vulnerable to malicious attackers. In this case, it is crucial to develop efficient intrusion-detection mechanisms to protect MANET from attacks. With the improvements of the technology and cut in hardware costs, we are witnessing a current trend of expanding MANETs into industrial applications. To adjust to such trend, we strongly believe that it is vital to address its potential security issues. In this paper, we propose and implement new intrusion-detection systems to check malicious nodes in a network and which make the improved network performance.