Abstract: Skin color segmentation is a promising research field in computer vision. Itís basically use applications are development of more effective and friendly interfaces for human computer interaction, face detection, faces tracking, content-based image retrieval systems and gesture analysis. It can also be used for medical applications. Last but not least it can also be used as biometric feature in mobile security problems. Skin color segmentation is used to determine whether the color pixel is a skin color or non skin color. Good skin color segmentation is that in which segment the every skin color whether it is blackish, yellowish, brownish and whitish and gives good results under different light conditioning as possible. There are different color spaces have been used for color classification. Color classification is done by using chrominance component because it is expected that skin color segmentation may become sturdier to lighting variations if luminance component is discarded.

Keywords: YCbCr color model, RGB color model, Segmentation, Comparison.