Abstract: This paper describes the Automatic headlight system for vehicle; this technology will decrease road accidents by 75 percent. According to the survey conducted Europe, major reason for death for below 45 age is road accidents around 1700000 causing more than 400000 deaths a year. Major road accidents occur normally at night time due to blurriness, intensity of light. This can be avoided by implementing adaptive front lighting system using image processing, implementing this will lead to traffic safety. It is active safety system providing an optimized vision to the driver during night time and other poor-sight conditions of the road by adapting the headlight angle and intensity. To avoid such incidents we will implement headlight dimmer using image processing that will make dimmer high to low and vice versa sensing in front vehicles’ light, that will reduce manual intervention of the driver and task will become much easier.

Keywords: Image Processing, Front light, Accidents, Road safety.