Abstract: Multilevel converters have been used for several applications such as static reactive power compensation, adjustable speed drives, renewable energy sources, and so on. The principal function of multilevel converter is to synthesize a desired ac voltage from several separate dc sources. Many kinds of topologies for multilevel converters have been proposed. In symmetric cascaded multilevel converter; dc voltage sources values of similar cells are equal. For the same number of power devices, asymmetric cascade multilevel topology significantly increases the number of output voltage levels. In these topologies, the values of dc voltage sources of different cells are non equal. However, the symmetric and asymmetric CHB converter requires a large number of switches and dc voltage sources. The current work proposes a improved H-bridge inverter whose topology is advantageous over other topologies.

Keywords: Inverters, Converters, H-Bridge inverter, Capacitor, Bidirectional switch.