Abstract: A signal propagating by means of wireless channel withstands fading effect, which debases the performance of wireless communication system. This paper focuses on the concept of fading, mainly TWDP fading with comparison over several modulations and diversity combining techniques. The phenomenon of fading requires careful scrutinization so as to get efficient data reception at the receiver side. It is a random process that occurs either due to multipath propagation or shadowing. Out of various models present, TWDP is the locus of interest –being latest and scanty work done in this field. Outage probability and average bit error rate (ABER) are accounted for in order to perform the comparison. TWDP PDF analysis is based on the expression that includes parameters such as Bessel function Io(.), fading parameters (K and ) and order L. The results are obtained after simulation in MATLAB. Modulations compared are BPSK and DPSK with further collation of SC and MRC diversity technique.

Keywords: TWDP, Fading channels, SNR, MRC, SC, Outage Probability, ABER.