Abstract: Wireless sensor network is a network for sensed data communication across the sensor nodes. In wireless ad hoc Sensor Network each hop to hop connection of sensor nodes are in a random way, there is no fixed infrastructure and nodes are randomly deployed in the sensor field. Due to their ad hoc organization, wireless ad hoc sensor networks are affected to denial of service (DoS) attacks. The most permanent Resource depletion attacks is to entirely deplete node’s batteries .One new type of attack called vampire attack. This attacks causing the impact of persistently damaging the networks by quickly draining the node’s battery power. They not only affect single node but they bring down entire system battery power. So limiting the energy drain attack has very importance in sensor network. In the cause of vampire attack the packet travels longer distance than actually required this way consume more energy. To reduce such attack MDSDV protocol is used here and compare its performance with energy efficient LEACH protocol.

Keywords: Vampire Attack, Ad Hoc Network, Denial of Service Attack, Resource Depletion Attacks.