Abstract: An ameliorated performance of optical wireless transmission system is obtained from wireless system which deploys the lengthy fibers. Inter-satellite links are necessary between satellites in orbits around the earth for data transmission and also for orderly data relay from one satellite to other and then to ground stations. Inter-satellite Optical Wireless Communication bestows the use of wireless optical communication using lasers instead of conventional radio and microwave systems. Optical communication using lasers cater many benefits over conventional radio frequency systems. The utmost complication existing in this wireless optical communication for inter-satellite links is the affects of satellite vibration, which leads to severe pointing errors that degrade the performance. Performance of this system also depends on numerous parameters such as transmitted power, data rate and antenna aperture which are analyzed using Opti-System simulation software. The main objective of this is to introduce WDM in existing ISOWC system to improve the system capability, to implement Model with different coding NRZ and RZ, to propose a new approach for increasing system capability for multi users and also analysis the Performance parameters like BER, Q-factor of optical systems.

Keywords: BER, FSO, Inter Satellite Link (ISL), IsOWC, Q-factor, Return-to-zero(RZ), Non Return-to-zero(NRZ).