Abstract: Our project is mainly considered for automated vehicles, utilizing small microcontroller named as Beagle Bone black this project portrays such an algorithm to alleviating the interference of traffic flow by optimizing for the number of safe lane alterations. Our project is doing all these things with low cost by using small micro controller named as Beagle Bone black. Itís like a minicomputer can boot within 20 sec. It is having capability of tolerating network connection. Here we are using two android phones for accurate positioning, for remote operation like a TCP protocol full duplex communication. Once the app we created will be getting on, data will be hardcoded by using PHP script. Analogously, another vehicle also will be having yet another android app so that the cloud contains both vehiclesí data. Distance will be calculated using the Beagle Bone black which will navigate the vehicle depending upon the data. The distance between the two vehicles and the speed of both will be calculated using the relative speed by which we will get to know how much meters is travelled per second. So with this the distance between both vehicles is found to be higher for which the lane change can be demanded until accepted limits else lane change request will be refused.

Keywords: Automated Vehicles, Congestion, Lane change Maneuver, GPS, and Distance