Abstract: Cloud computing is a technology helps to share resource, services and platform with another user. This is a technology used to organized huge amount of data and multiple services for establishing convenient way of communication and execution. In simple words, cloud computing technology help to access services and resource without installing or configuring into local system. Cloud computing establish their access through public network, security issues like privacy, trust, authenticity , information security, authorization, access control becomes essential challenges for developers. In order to overcome these challenges, various algorithms are developed and implemented with cloud computing applications to get best way for implementation. Today, security becomes indispensable concern and required separate attention for cloud computing environment. This research works consider this issue on primary mode and try exploring algorithms and their limitations to observe and analyse security solutions and vulnerabilities for scope of improvement. Here, work concludes with the comparative study of different existing solution and address the common problems and excuses.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Security Issues, Hybrid Cloud, Security Techniques.