Abstract: To manage the ADHOC network is great challenge because it has dynamic infrastructure and mobility of node. Due to mobility of node routing path of network and security of communication suffered. In the process of node mobility and path discovery of routing protocol take huge amount of power and decrease the life of network. For the enhancement of power and protected communication various protocol are designed. A security constraint in mobile adhoc network is very critical task. Some critical security issue such as black hole attack, wormhole attack, sinkhole attack, prevention and detection of attack is major challenge. For the detection of wormhole attack various authors used various techniques such as clock synchronization, nearest neighbour node selection method. In this dissertation modified the AODV routing protocol for the detection of wormhole attack is used. The modified protocol is called secured energy efficient routing protocol (SEE-AODV). The SEEAODV protocol based on two functions one is threshold based function and one is energy based function. The threshold based function measure the distance of normal node and wormhole node and the energy based function is used to measure power consumption in the form of energy. Our proposed algorithm is very efficient as compare to ADOV routing protocol. For the assessment of performance our modified protocol tested in various network situation and tested with different simulations for different distributions of nodes. During this evaluated scenarios, this technique demonstrates excellent detection probabilities with few false alarms that depend on the value of threshold. Our proposed modified scheme “SEAODV” simulate in NS-2 simulator. In simulation process we used 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 nodes. The evaluation of performance is measured by packet delivery ratio, Average end to end delay, packet throughputs and Energy Consumption. Our modified scheme is compared with existing AODV and good results in compare with old method.

Keywords: MANET, ADHOC Network, AODV, SEAODV, Wormhole Attack, Threshold.