Abstract: When the system is integrated with facility of the recognizing real time gesture then system can be used for interfacing HCI (Human computer Interface). This work presents a technique for a human computer interface through hand gesture recognition that can recognize most of English alphabet from the American Sign Language hand alphabet. Gesture control is techniques which are to be explored as it can tremendously simplify numerous interactions between the car and the driver and/or other passengers. Distracted driving is one of the main causes of vehicle collisions. To provide support at times of danger and critical situation networking are used that transmit the gestures to the respective Industry along with whereabouts of the user of asset. Alert about traffic in rout is provided using sound sensor, obstacle sensor and vibrator. An internet based SMS (Short Message Service) application issued for where there is emergency which will message the real time location of asset and its speed and location name to the userís mobile. The GPS receiver system uses a hardware GPS receiver provided with a USB (Universal Serial Bus connector) so that the receiver is compatible and can be easily connected to a user computer. A GPS antenna is connected to the GPS receiver to acquire the signals. There should not be obstacle between the antenna and the satellite to achieve stronger signal. The software used for system is developed in VB.NET (visual basic.NET) programming language. VB.NET is an application oriented computer programming language.

Keywords: GPS, GSM, Image Processing, MATAB.