Abstract: : This paper reports and describes the development of an unmanned underwater vehicle that can be controlled by mobile app. The design and development of the unmanned under water vehicle, the onboard communications, the instrumentation system, the unidirectional communications platform from mobile app, the vehicle automation, the navigation strategies, as well as the vision systems to help navigation and to carry out the planned surveillance missions, are addressed in this paper. One of the main innovative issues of this platform is the distributed onboard wireless network, based on Bluetooth technology by developing android application. Already existing models are based on remote controlled technique and it needs more training to operate the vehicle. Any confusion occurs while operating the vehicle it may damage the vehicle. To avoid these limitations we are going to create a user friendly android application to control the vehicle in an efficient way without much training. This proposed work simply used by any user that can be utilized for underwater surveillance.

Keywords: ROV, RF, TMS, WSN