Abstract: Pothole Tracking System which assists the driver in avoiding pot-holes on the roads, investigates an application of mobile detecting and reporting the surface conditions of roads. It describes a system to monitor this important civil infrastructure using an android based smart phone. The pothole tracking system uses the inherent mobility of the participating smart phone by the citizen,opportunistically gathering data from image clicking from an android based smart phone which is GPRS enabled, and processing the data to assess road surface conditions. Using a simple geotagging technique which is a feature of android OS, it show that we are able to identify potholes and other severe road surface anomalies from images clicked by the citizens and uploaded by the same application on the server. This paper presents the architecture of a Global Positioning System (GPS) based approach for reporting thoroughfare problems via Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) for road maintenance management environment. To increase accuracy and efficiency, GPS can be used as it enables the tracking and tracing of the three figures of a GPS receiverís coordinates namely longitude, latitude and altitude.

Keywords: Global Positioning System (GPS), Road Maintenance ,Android, Complaint management system, Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM),I.