Abstract: The research is aimed at studying the feasibility of defining/ formalising model driven project management with base methodology of PMBOK. Our research focuses on PMBOK since more than 75% of the projects around the world use PMBOK for managing projects. Previous research works had considered one or two areas of Project Management but did not consider the whole methodology, and also did not make use of model driven methods. Our research is proposing a model driven project management using UML and OCL for all the 5 process areas and 10 knowledge areas of the PMBOK. The research work will provide large scale applications of system modelling. This will provide support of defining tools for Project Management, deliverables, and documentation. These models will provide consistency, enhance the reusability of components, reliability, and help in automation of standard processes of Project Management.

Keywords: Modelling; Programme and project Management Distributed work; Onshore; Offshore; Software; IT projects, Automation, Software Engineering.