Abstract: As we realize that today's reality is computerized world and we have use advanced information, for example, video, sound, images and so forth in different fields for different purposes. In present situation, images assumes key part in each part of business, for example, various fields like business, medical, satellite etc. Broke down images uncover helpful data to the human clients. Image mining makes do with the extraction of information, image information relationship, or different examples which is not put away in the images. The enthusiasm of image mining additions as the need of image data is creating in everyday life. Forests fires are a tremendous problem.. To fight against these disasters, the appropriate analysis of forest flames is a crucial concern. The development in the amount of woods flares of woodland flame in the latest couple of years has obliged governments to take protections. These Forests flames are a noteworthy issue. On the off chance that the flame contenders know spreading flame and where the flame will be in once in a while it would be simple for them to take precautionary measures against the flame. In this way, for that a noteworthy prerequisite for examination and analysis of the fire of flame exists. The analysis of forest fire behavior is done using thermal images of forest fire.

Keywords: Data mining, Multimedia mining, Image mining, forest fire, Thermal image.