Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) consist of Nodes, there can be several hundreds or even thousands. Node is built of several parts i.e. a radio Transceiver with an internal antenna, microcontroller, and an electronic circuit for interfacing. Nodes are controlled to specific base station which they are associated .WSNs can be applied in various fields i.e. Military Applications , Health Care Application, Forest Fire Detections, area monitoring etc. .Wireless Sensor Networks i.e. WSNs are exposed to various attacks such as Sinkhole attacks, Wormhole attacks, Sybil attacks .The major concern in WSNs is security ,only Cryptographic Techniques are not beneficial for solving severe problems .There are routing protocols such as Ambient Trust Sensor Routing (ATSR ), Time Analysis Resilient Protocol (TARP), Feedback Based Secure Routing (FBSR) etc. which help in protecting WSNs from the attacks but some severe attacks cannot be addressed from the above routing protocols .Severe problems such as Identity deception through replaying routing information ,this may help in launching other attacks which were mentioned .TARF (Trust Aware Routing Framework ) is effective against such attacks .TARF can be embedded with other routing protocols which exists and hence provided a secured network for data transmission.

Keywords: WSN, TARF, ATSR, FBSR, TARP, Trust- Manager, Energy-Watcher.