Abstract: In domain specific modeling language development, model interactions and transformations play a crucial role. This paper introduces a new, syntax directed approach for the specification of modelinteractions for transformations within a domain specific modeling language. The technique is based on tokenization of the characteristic values and attributes of possible component elements of a fluid supply system. To demonstrate the mapping, expression parse trees and streams of tokens are recursively specified as syntax directed definitions in a context free grammar. With each grammar symbol, a set of attributes are associated, and with each production, a set of semantic rules for mapping values of the attributes corresponding to a typical fluid supply system physical design and modeling parameters are associated. The main contributions are the specifications that will aid the design of a domain specific modeling language for the representation of transformations and translation scheme execution engine for the target domain of fluid supply systems, and another is a possible pathway for the implementation of the semantics of the language with a syntax directed scheme that consists of a grammar and the set semantic rules.

Keywords: Model Driven Engineering, Domain Specific Modeling, Values and Attributes, Context Free Grammar, Transmission Pipelines, Joints and Fittings.