Abstract: In todayís world Signature plays a crucial role. It depicts a person name graphically or in handwritten form. It is the best form of recognition of an individual. Other attributes also plays a big role in recognition but signature is best feature among them. In order to permit a check or it is a mark as well as mark made by an individual to execute a document and signify knowledge, acceptance, or obligation. A signature is also categorized on the basis of Biometric authentication where a userís identity is established by means of physical trait or certain behavioural characteristics. . Signature facilitate us enforce security in many such cases for e.g. transactions at banks, wills, assets, government documents etc .We investigated the impact using artificial neural network (ANN) and Surf algorithm. The EER (equal error rate) is achieved as 14.64.

Keywords: Biometry, ANN, signature verification, FRR (False Rejection Rate), FAR (False Acceptance Rate), Forgery, image processing, SURF.