Abstract: Microstrip patch antenna was designed in this paper for Radio Frequency (RF) applications. The proposed patch antenna operates at frequency 1.8GHz to 2.4 GHz which obtained very sharp cut-off points. And also it obtained Return loss -22dB at 2GHz resonant frequency. Two L- shaped patch antenna was constructed using probe or coaxial feeding techniques. Loading slots on a rectangular patch antenna. Two parallel L-shaped antennas was used to achieved good or better impedance bandwidth. Microstrip antennas are made of a rectangular patch with dimensions length L and width W, above a ground plane with dielectric constants er .and substrate thickness h. Microstrip antenna is made of with the help of conducting patch over a ground plane isolated by a dielectric substrate the proposed antenna was simulating on HFSS software tool for commercial purposes.

Keywords: Microstrip Patch Antenna, IE3D EM Simulation, S-Parameters, Return-Loss and Defected Micro Strip Structure.