Abstract: There exists a variety of proposal and books which are been composed long years back. So some of them which are essential for us we should protect them in terms of their degradation. In any case, these reports are being debased because of some common causes such as discriminated color illusion, or ink sipping from background to foreground etc. Because of such debasement a hefty portion of the report images are not in lucid arrangement. In order to isolate the content from those corrupted images, such document images need to be processed under efficient binarization methods. For this reason we will build up the framework that can fit for isolating the content from the debased image. Proposed system eradicates the Cannysí edge recognition calculation in its framework. In this paper, for isolating the frontal area and the background of the image, use of few calculations are done such as gray scaling and local thresholding. Image contrast reversal, edge estimation, image bimodal binarization and post processing binarized images are incorporated into proposed system. Subsequent to applying these all techniques proposed system becomes ready to partition out the frontal area content from back ground debasements.

Keywords: Image Adaptive contrast, document images, document image processing, pixel classification, degraded document binarization.