Abstract: Data dictionary is an important factor for software development process and facilitates to learn the product or complete description of data object, object relationship and analysing a System. The data dictionary uses as a tool in software engineering for documentation, design and maintenance to software system. The system stores the structures, procedures, description and cross referencing about data model of project. Researchers and Experts have always claimed that data dictionary should be consider as an important factors for it have positive impact on system analysis and design in order to improve the quality of software system. This paper presents the results of a systematic review conducted to collect evidence on exiting data dictionary of system development process. In this review paper initially our aim is to find the detail view of existing data dictionary and their contribution during the software development process at initial stage. Finally paper demonstrates an existing data dictionary proposed by various experts and researchers including their contribution and limitations.

Keywords: Data Dictionary, Software Development Life Cycle, Meta Data, Repository System, Dictionary Attributes.