Abstract: An average person takes thousands of steps each day, resulting in the placement extreme high pressure on oneís feet. This leads to various bio-mechanical problems with grievous effects. So, there is a need for monitoring foot pressure and treating these conditions effectively. But each personís feet and walking pattern are different and unique. In this paper, we present a versatile and any-size-fit in-shoe sensor which is capable of capturing data as you walk in real-time; vivid and easy to understand graphics obtained, will let the subject and the doctor see what happens while walking. The graphics are displayed on the Smartphones using an Android application developed by us. It is wireless, portable and user friendly technology and also records the data or history for gait analysis by a podiatrician. The user friendly application will display the foot strikes dynamically as a movie, frame by frame. A podiatrician or the subject can use side by side comparisons of graphics before and after treatment to evaluate effectiveness or suggest correction.

Keywords: bio-mechanical problems, any-size-fit in-shoe sensor, Smartphones, podiatrician, wireless, portable, user friendly device, gait analysis.