Abstract: Marking attendance in any organization used to be troublesome due to use of pen and paper scheme. In past few years, organizations have switched to a new technology termed as ‘Biometrics’ for attendance. Though biometrics has made possible to save and process attendance records digitally along with a significant advantage of avoiding proxy signatures, it allows only a single person to punch attendance at a time. As the office opens, due to rush of employees and limited number of biometric devices, a lot of time can get consumed.In this project, we emphasize on eliminating the problem mentioned above. We are using smartphone devices of individuals so that many employees can mark their attendance simultaneously. We make use of wireless network for connecting server and employees' smartphones. This system has many benefits such as time efficiency, simplicity and secure authentication. The additional feature of this system is that the availability of the employee can be tracked throughout the working hours, as we are using local area network.

Keywords: Wi-Fi, Android application, Attendance marking and tracking