Abstract: Now a days in engineering colleges, domain selection process for project is not been focused seriously the manual procedure of selecting domain consumes unnecessarily too much time. (We can say around 2-3 months). Students in final year need to find the domain details on their own or another option is to ask the queries to respective teachers. It is really irritating as well as time consuming to tell every individual group to explain same domain. Here our system starts working. In our system there will be one module called student in that the sub module called domain will help students to know the details about the types of domain and the description of each and every domain in depth from the list. Moreover we are going to provide an aptitude test on domains, so that student’s interest in particular domain can be calculated. In this module students need to add there percentage marks (transcripts). This data will be displayed to teachers in there login panel. They will be having the result of domain aptitude of every individual student as well as the list of students having domains in common. All these results will help teachers to do the grouping of students in particular domain. The teachers even can combine two domains which can co relate to each other so in result the students as well (e.g. Data mining, database, networking security). Coming back to current system TPO’s in the colleges work is to get the campus details and they forward the same mail to all the students even though they are not eligible for a particular campus drive. Along with this TPO’s are having hard copies of students’ data individually. It is time consuming to sort out the eligible and non-eligible personalities. Our system will work smartly in this area as well. We will be providing dynamic categorization in which TPO’s will be having the details of Students like academic marks and extra curriculum (technical, on-technical).TPO will work as a strong bridge between industries and students. As the data is available on web portal, TPO will forward the campus drive information only to the eligible students. Another module is there in which students can share study related material (PPT’s, PDF’s, audios, videos) with other students as well as with teachers.

Keywords: DataMining, Co-operative Learning, Domain Selection, C4.5