Abstract: At present global scenario, Image processing plays a vital role in the orientation of research area. There are different image operations performed in different applications, one among is the “image enhancement”. As Image enhancement is the problem-oriented procedure, the main aim is to improve the visual appearance of the images, i.e given an input low-quality image that process to get the output with a high-quality image. It is well known that image enhancement techniques are applied on different areas like Aerial imaging Satellite imaging, Medical imaging, Digital camera application, Remote sensing etc.., several methodologies are there to implement image enhancement, and they are: 1.Spatial domain 2.frequency domain. Earlier several research works have been done and proposed in different platforms but the limitation is that they processed one image at once, but in the paper, images are operated at a single time for that the paper introduced a platform named HADOOP [1].

Keywords: Hadoop, Image processing, Image enhancement, spatial domain, frequency domain.