Abstract: Deduplication may be a storage saving technique that has been adopted by several cloud storage suppliers like Dropbox. In cloud storage services, deduplication technology are commonly accustomed cut back the world and {knowledge and data} live necessities of services by eliminating redundant knowledge and storing entirely one copy of them. Deduplication is best once multiple users supply an identical data to the cloud storage, but it raises issues concerning security and possession. Issues over information security still forestall several users from migrating information to remote storage. The standard resolution is to write in code the info before it leaves the owner’s premises. Client-side information deduplication specifically ensures that multiple transfers of constant contentsolely consume network information measure and space for storing of one upload. We’ll use server facet information deduplication. During this paper we have a tendency to planned novel server-side deduplication theme for encrypted information.

Keywords: Access control, big data, cloud computing, data deduplication, proxy re-encryption.