Abstract: Nowadays, security of society is major issues for concern. Public place should remain secured in order to maintain peace in society. Image capturing capability has contributed to the popularity of image data. CCTV is one of the important part in image capturing devices. We are using image processing technique through CCTV to implement this application. If person is found with some suspicious activity, this activity is captured by CCTV, hence alert is generated. If some suspicious thing is remain untouched for particular time period which decided by system, then it will generate notification and alert to authority. Hence, we proposed video retrieval systems using images or videos as the inputs. In this paper, we propose method to retrieve video retrieval of a desired object through the inputs as appearance. We firmly believe that such a framework could serve as the foundation for behaviour analysis used in many surveillance systems so that accidents can be avoided.

Keywords: Abandoned luggage detection, abandoned object detection, object detection and tracking.