Abstract: Internet of Things is the group of devices that are connected to the internet to perform the processes and service that support our basics needs, economics, health and environment. Cloud computing is an archetype, in which dynamical, scalable and virtualized resources are provided as services via internet. Cloud computing along with the Internet of Things will enhance the performance capabilities and resource storage to the maximum. Hence, cloud computing is used as a front end to access Internet of Things. The consumerization of the healthcare industry is developing rapidly which empowers people to live healthier lives by using connected devices such as tablets, wearables and hand-held devices. Internet of Things is an advancing technology that bridges interoperability challenges to radically change the way in which healthcare will be delivered, driving better outcomes, increasing efficiency and making healthcare affordable. Internet of Things equips people centricity with technology to deliver enhanced results. Here we present a survey on how Internet of Things and Cloud plays a vital role in health care.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Internet of Things. Resource Pooling, Rapid Elasticity.