Abstract: The principle of analyzing the pattern sequences in mining domain is always a complex task in data-mining process. Many approaches are already defined to mining the sequential patterns which are complex and strucked up with certain points such as database complexity, cannot support for large database, structural mismatching and so on. A new methodology is required to mining the sequential pattern with more innovative way, called Modified Searching Algorithm [MSA]. This algorithm is suitable for solving the task complexities such as structural mismatching and the size of the database is even huge as well as this approach of MSA is integrated’ with energetic pruning’ techniques to resolve the problem of database structuring complexities even in distributed database domains. This approach is further’ extended by using Complex Structural Scheme [CSS] to improve the performance under fast processing and retrieval of results. This two approaches of Modified Searching Algorithm and Complex Structural Scheme are highly worked together to propose a compact and flexible environment for sequential pattern mining with large databases. For all the entire paper clearly illustrates the model to make the pattern mining more successfully with sequential approach and it is explained in detail via two powerful approaches called MSA and CSS.

Keywords: Complex Structural Scheme Modified Searching Algorithm, Pattern Mining, Structural Patterns.