Abstract: Blackhole and Grayhole behaviors represent a serious threat against routing in Delay or Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTNs). Due to the unique network characteristics, designing a misbehavior detection scheme in DTN represents a great challenge. The proposed fuzzy based probabilistic attack detection scheme, for secure DTN routing. The basic idea of FPDS is introducing a periodically available vehicle to vehicle authority, which judges the node’s behavior based on the collected routing evidences. The proposed model FPDS as the Inspection theoretical analysis to demonstrate that, by setting an appropriate investigation probability, the security of DTN routing at a reduced cost. To further improve the efficiency of the proposed scheme, fuzzy detection probability with a node’s reputation, this allows a dynamic detection fuzzy probability determined by a node’s reputation. The extensive analysis and simulation results show that the proposed scheme substantiates the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed scheme.

Keywords: Delay or Disruption Tolerant Networks; Fuzzy Rule; Probability Detection; Secure Routing.