Abstract: Mobile ad hoc network is a new generation communication technology. Now in these days that is adoptable in different manner of small and large range communication. Due to their ad nature of network organization and topology formation the network suffers from various security issues and performance issues. Thus the proposed work is investigation of the security issues ad hoc network. This developed methodology is to identify Worm-hole node. The technique works with slightly modified AODV protocol give the method of preventing WORMHOLE attack by using IDS algorithm. This proposes a solution that will increase the basic AODV routing protocol, which will be capable to avoid Wormholes. To reduce the probability of Wormhole, it is proposed IDS based methodology for prevent Wormhole and find safe route to reach the neighbour nodes. A wireless IDS monitorís wireless network traffic and analyzes its wireless networking Protocol to identify suspicious activity.

Keywords: Calculation of Adhoc Network, Wormhole Attack, IDS algorithm