Abstract: ARM is0one of the leading advanced digital technology in the industry. It enables the creation of new markets and transformation of the industries and society. At present processors are intelligent enough to deliver the applications in terms of enhanced capabilities with the advancement in embedded technology. Today, most of the electronic gadgets are equipped with audio hardware where the processing of audio signals is difficult in recording and storing. The present audio players have a drawback in the absence of the intelligent surface and incapability of replacing the storage devices. Consumers are searching for moderate interactive media gadgets with high performance and durability. The ARM Cortex-M4 meets the needs of smart embedded applications with integrated floating point unit that includes digital signal processing features. In this paper, ARM Cortex-M4 is used to play the wave format audio files from a USB flash drive and records the audio using MEMS microphone and PDM audio software decoding library.

Keywords: ARM Cortex-M4, MEMS, Pulse Density Modulation, Floating Point Unit, STM32F4.