Abstract: Dispersion is the main barrier in achieving an efficient Optical Communication system. In this paper we simulate an optical communication system which involves FIBRE BRAGG GRATING (FBG) as a mean of compensating dispersion in the system. RETURN TO ZERO (RZ) modulation format is used to analyze the simulated transmission system for different parameters using OPTISYSTEM Simulator. We have taken different values for parameters like Fiber length (Km), Input power (dBm), and Attenuation coefficient (dB/Km) and analyzed the effect on Quality factor, Gain (dB), output power (dBm), Noise Figure (dB) and Min BER. The system is simulated and all the results are analyzed using OPTISYSTEM 14.0 at 12 GBPS.

Keywords: Fiber Bragg Grating, Fiber Length, Input Power, Attenuation Coefficient, Quality Factor, Output Power, Gain, Noise Figure.