Abstract: In this paper, we propose a blood sugar level monitoring system (blood glucose monitoring) for the public which is easy to use, automated, coin based and prints instant results. Blood glucose monitoring is a way of testing the concentration of glucose in the blood (glycaemia). Particularly in the case of diabetes mellitus, a blood glucose test is performed by piercing the skin (typically on the finger) to draw blood and then applying the blood on to a chemically active disposable ‘test strip’[1]. Most people with diabetes mellitus are advised to monitor their blood glucose level at least twice or thrice in a day or even more in cases where the patients have very high blood sugar levels. This can be done at home or hospitals. The present cost of monitoring blood sugar level at hospitals in India ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 100. If an individual wants self monitoring of blood glucose level at home, the device named “Glucometer” may cost him up to Rs 2500 (approximately) and the cost of each test strip ranges from Rs 30 to Rs 50. This will be a costly affair for people who are suffering from diabetes mellitus and cannot afford the above luxury. So, we have developed a coin based blood glucose monitoring system for the public. By inserting a Rs 5 or Rs 10 coin, one can easily monitor the blood glucose level. This machine can be placed in public places like municipality offices, community buildings, hospitals, etc. The machine is automated and even an illiterate person can operate it and obtain the test results. We have designed a system which is light weight, compact and user friendly. Also the needles used for piercing is of “one time use”, sterile and will be disposed after every single use making the device safe and risk free.

Keywords: blood sugar level monitoring, glycaemia, test strip, diabetes mellitus, Glucometer, “one time use”, sterile.